The West Coast Style
Real things made by real people.

The West Coast Style is a company built around real artists with real stories mixed with original fashion designs.  The idea is that instead of wearing highly branded designer names on our clothes, we allow our audience to connect with artwork and stories that better represent them as individuals and give them the option to pick and choose.  The West Coast Style was created for the customers and will grow with our community through entertaining interaction and feedback.  We are artists at heart and are here to entertain as well as provide high quality clothing for artists, musicians, filmmakers, anybody following their dreams, and anybody living off the path of the norm.  We plan to move the merger of fashion, music, film, technology into the future with the help of our customers.  Please enjoy our website and hang with us to witness the amazing things to come!  The West Coast Style thanks you and may all your dreams come true!  To stay in the loop please visit our Facebook page today!